How To Build A Brand: 5 Reasons to Brand YOU

Today is Part 1 on the series “How to Build a Brand”! Inside this series, we are going to be covering reasons to brand, how to brand, and the steps you need to take to build a brand that stands out from the crowd.  If you’re looking to start your brand, or are wanting to increase the potential of your current brand, make sure to follow along in this 7 part series!


What is your brand?
What is your brand?

As you are likely aware of, building your brand is essential if you’re looking to build a BIG, long-term business.  I recently took some amazing training with Dr. Doug Firebaugh, which included the topic of Branding.  I’ll be sharing some of that information with you over the next 7 days.

When you start to build your Brand, you start to think Bigger, more outside the box, and it increases your awareness to other possibilities available to you, to expand your potential! I’ve been learning a lot from one of my mentors, Doug Firebaugh, on this subject and when it comes to branding he will have you thinking bigger!

There are a lot of people out there branding right now, but the first question most people will ask is “Do I really need to Brand myself?” Today’s post is going to cover 5 Reasons to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to brand yourself.

Building a powerful brand will set yourself apart from everyone else.  You will become the “Go-To” person, because YOU are the brand that people think of when they ask questions about your product, and what you specialize in. When somebody thinks of something related to your expertise…they will think of YOU.  That’s the power of a Brand!

So WHY Should you Brand?

1) If you are looking to quickly establish YOUR authority, you need to build your brand.

2) If you want people to take you seriously a LOT more quickly, build a brand that people can relate to and are drawn to.  They will like you a lot more if you have a brand they can trust.

3) People will REMEMBER you.  Come up with a catchy phrase or style of marketing that people can’t forget!  Make them feel appreciated and invite them to keep in contact with you.

4) Branding increases your credibility in your niche market.  Whatever your product is, people will believe that you are one of the experts in the field if you have built an attractive brand. So that means if they want to lose weight, travel, look younger, etc., they will seek out you for the information they need!

5) Your Brand is YOU.  No matter what company you are involved in now, or later, your brand will always be YOU.  You won’t need to start over when circumstances in business inevitably take over, or when change happens.  We are all continually growing, and your Brand can grow with YOU.

Building a Brand is one of the most essential parts of your marketing plan, and is the first thing you want to start with so that you are marking your space in the market immediately.

Make sure you are creating a brand that is UNIQUE.  (It can be hard at first to figure out what that means for you, but we’ll cover that in the coming posts).  Create a brand that draws emotion from the people who find you. People remember how you make them feel.  They will also remember how you didn’t make them feel.  So always be thinking like the person you want to attract!

Let people know that working with you adds VALUE to their lives, and make that a huge part in their decision to buy your product or service.  Let them know why hiring you, or working with you is the best decision they could make!

Move people with your message and you will see your sales increase, and people will be looking to work with you.  Your brand is your own one-of-a kind message that shows off what is unique in you.  We were all made unique and your brand allows that to shine!

Remember, most people who start to build a business will give up eventually.  If you keep building your brand, and stay consistent with your methods, you will stay ahead of the pack, and build a powerful business for life.

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