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So No, my blog hasn’t turned into a “dating how-to” 🙂 Today’s post is actually  home business related, and has to do with getting prospects phone numbers while you’re out and about during your day!

If you want your team to grow, you need to get those digits!
If you want your team to grow, you need to get those digits!

How awkward is it to ask someone you don’t know for their PHONE NUMBER without coming across like you’re not hitting on them!!?? I don’t know about you guys but I tend to come across flirty, so asking someone for their number can be very intimidating! One thing I do know though… if you’re super serious about building an empire, you need to be prospecting 24/7. So that includes when you’re out running your daily errands or out at entertainment events! You never know how many awesome smart motivated people you are missing out on out there, just because you’re scared, or just don’t know what to say to someone without coming across…….like a creeper. Once you see today’s video, you won’t feel that way, I promise!

Until now, I likely would not have gone out with the mission of getting people’s phone numbers. BUT after watching Cesar Rodriguez at Top Earner Academy Live 2, I finally feel like I have the ability to approach someone genuinely, and treat them like they’re special, and be able to make them feel good about themselves. This awesome approach for how to get a number is so easy to do, and isn’t an awkward script you need to follow. And, if you take a look at the business Cesar has built from getting these numbers…..it makes you want to run out and start filling up your Black Book NOW!

Watch this video for the awesome tips on how to get a number!

So what do you think? Will you use this approach? Please comment below and let me know! It’s pretty much about the fact that you need to get over shyness. REMEMBER the key is in the follow-up! If you get a number and don’t do anything with it….it’s pointless! Call the person and compliment them and just ask if they’re open. Worst thing is –  you’ll hear a “NO” from someone you’re never going to see again…..oh well! 🙂

If you’d like to see the whole presentation done by Cesar Rodriguez and the rest of the amazing Speakers at Top Earner Academy Live 2, pick up the recordings HERE.

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Love you all have a beautiful day! 🙂

~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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