Get up and dust yourself off, you’re on your way baby!

In today’s blog I discuss how when you feel like you are at your lowest point, you might actually be the closest to your happiness you have ever been.

Everyone who is successful has felt like a Failure.
Everyone who is successful has felt like a Failure.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone on their road to success has hit a time in their life where they feel like an utter failure. You wonder how you got to where you are, and how will you ever get out. Sometimes it’s your absolute rock bottom. So what do you do when you find yourself there?

You can either dwell in it, accept the failure, and believe that you aren’t meant to be anything better than you see yourself. Or, you can look at failure this way – Failure is a MUST if you are going to make something of yourself. You HAVE to fail. If you can look at each failure as a stepping stone to success, you will be able to embrace it, dust yourself off, and move on.

If you live life with a fear of failure, and let that hold you back from taking chances, you will stay right where you are. No one who made their own success did so by fearing failure. It’s just like I said about going out to get your No’s. Don’t be afraid of rejection, making mistakes, etc. Who cares? Words are just words, and if you can see where you are going, nothing will stop you.

When I was introduced to Network Marketing, I was just about to come off maternity leave. My husband and I had always said I would stay home with the kids, but let’s be honest here, we COULDN’T afford it. Luckily my children are 5 years apart, so we had built ourselves back up a bit before I had my son, but not enough. I was scared, but I had this ‘sense’ that everything was going to work out. I was given this opportunity a month before my maternity benefits ended, and have seen where my life was going to go right from the beginning. I hit the ground running, and have overcome many, many obstacles. I have cried. A LOT. I have felt like a failure, a loser, a sell out, lonely beyond belief, abandoned, rejected, embarrassed, every emotion you go through as you try to make something better of your life. And then last night I was talking with a friend about his blog, and realized, I never had a ‘Plan B’. Ever. There was never “Well, if this doesn’t work out, then I’ll go back to….(insert crappy life plan here)….”. That is SUCH a GOOD thing! It’s what drives me in this business to take my life to places I could have never imagined.

Believe in yourself when no one else does. SAY SCREW IT TO PLAN B!!! Accept failure and motivate yourself by listening to others’ success stories. Dwayne Johnson is someone I adore. He is SO driven. He is self made, and like everyone else who succeeds, has a story of failure.

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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4 thoughts on “Get up and dust yourself off, you’re on your way baby!”

  1. Hey Angel… as usual… good blog post. Glad I inspired you a bit to see more clearly it what it takes to succeed in this industry. You are doing what needs to be done… but more importantly… you’re working at your craft everyday. Success demands that! You’ve got what it takes… NOW it’s just a matter of time.

    1. Thanks John, yes our conversation was definitely the inspiration for this post 🙂 And thank you for your positive words, very kind of you 🙂

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