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As you all know, fitness and nutrition are SUPER Important to me! Part of my passion (besides helping people have success working at home) is ALSO to help people have success WORKING OUT at home!

During and After Insanity! (I didn't take a before :( )
During and After Insanity! (I didn’t take a before 🙁 )

I recently finished INSANITY and I can honestly say it was THE BEST Home Workout Program I have ever done! I wasn’t sure at first if I would be able to do it, just based from watching the infomercial.  And honestly, even after I bought it, it sat in my house for 6 months!

But once I did start, WOW.  I FELL IN LOVE!! Shaun T. is the trainer, and he motivates you and pushes you to do things that you never thought you could do! You find that in just a couple of weeks that you are way stronger, you are able to do the cardio harder and longer, it actually starts to get EASIER….and the BEST part? You see AWESOME super sexy results.  This workout trimmed off my leftover fat, toned my body, and gave me the confidence to know that I could do ANYTHING!


This is just a 60 day workout, and TRUST ME, you will be disappointed that  it’s over!

Order Insanity, and get me as your FREE coach! I’ll help you through and give you awesome support! Order Insanity HERE!

Or, step up your game and order the Challenge Pack! Get a one month supply of Shakeology, along with Insanity, and get access to my EXCLUSIVE INSANITY CHALLENGE GROUP! Get encouragement from those who are and have gone through the program, ask questions 24/7, get cheered on, and you will get me as your coach, checking in with you, helping you along with your results and available whenever you need me! ORDER YOUR CHALLENGE PACK HERE AND LET’S GET YOU STARTED!

All Beachbody workouts come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

If Insanity just isn’t for you, shop my Beachbody Store at Fit With Angel – Beachbody Coach! I’ll help you find the Best Home Workout Program for you!

If you EVER have any questions about the products, make sure to email me at

Stay tuned for more additions! I’ll be trying ALL of the workouts! 😉

Cheers to your fitness and health! 🙂

Check out the preview for Insanity below!

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  1. Hi, How long have you been selling the Shakeology for? I have been following your site for a few months and only just seen the shakeology add.

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