Everyone needs a little yoga in their life….

It’s that time for the “Healthy Lifestyle” post! In today’s video blog I talk about why I do yoga and which yoga workouts I like best!

Enjoy the benefits of Yoga for your body
Enjoy the benefits of Yoga for your body

I fell in love with Yoga the first time I ever did it. I of course do yoga at home, and use dvd’s and an online Yoga Sequence Builder. I love how you feel afterwards, so relaxed and chill, and yet you’ve done an amazing toning workout that your body needs. I have found yoga to be amazing for my core, and something that I can’t live without. If I have worked out hard 5 days a week, I can feel that my body needs yoga, and it’s my favorite workout day.

Besides being amazing for your strength and weight management, yoga improves your mood, helps you to get in tune with yourself, allows you to de-stress, and improves your overall health. My flexibility after doing yoga has improved so much, and the pride of being able to get into challenging poses you have been working on is amazing. I have also found that during yoga, I have come up with some of my best business ideas.

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Please share YOUR favorite Yoga workouts! I love to hear about what others do from home, or which yoga practices you have fallen in love with. Please share your tips in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Everyone needs a little yoga in their life….”

    1. I have Winsor Pilates too! Thanks for the reminder, I do love it as well. However, my set is VHS, it might be time to upgrade 😉 I love Mari! Thanks for sharing!

  1. I have to admit I ma lazy when it comes to work outs. I know the benefits and all but if I get some time to myself, I would rather take a nap or read a book or watch some tv. I know, I know, it is bad. Yoga is great and your post is really inspiring to test it out 🙂

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