Do You Suffer from Information Overload?

Having success in your home business involves investing in training, and constantly learning.  But could you possibly be suffering from Information Overload?

If you're feeling overwhelmed and confused, it's time to scale back and ask for help!
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused, it’s time to scale back and ask for help!

We all want to know the next new technique. That “it” thing that’s working for people crushing it in their home business. BUT, we can spend WAY too much time trying to learn “how to” and never “doing”.

When it comes to focusing, one course I HIGHLY recommend is Top Earners Success School with Ray Higdon. As a graduate of that course, I can attest to the fact that Ray lays out for you each part of your business that you need to focus on to have success. Once you have those areas covered, you can move on to other tricks and marketing.  Enrollment for Top Earner Success School is currently closed, BUT I highly recommend you pick up Ray’s course “Your First 90 Days“, which covers a lot of what TESS encompasses, and is perfect for ANYONE.  New or seasoned.  It’s the start of 90 Days of massive success.

If you feel like you’ve got too many voices in your head telling you what to do in your business, that you are lost as to where to start or focus, check out today’s video and see if you have Information Overload!

So there you go! It’s OK to let go of a few trainings, it’s ok to miss out on the webinar that’s going on during supper. There is a lot of relief in just committing to a couple of key trainings and blocking out all of the other ones. You’ll stay way more focused!

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One thought on “Do You Suffer from Information Overload?”

  1. Angel, I so agree, sometimes we push ourselves to ill health. For instance we in Europe have to be very strict with which webinars we attend live, because most are held at 2/3am in the morning, and by the time they are done its broad day light in summer time. If you have a 9-5 grind you are snookered for the day, making you non productive, which totally defeats the whole purpose of being a HBO! I say to myself now, Its okay to not attend every training and its okay to not click on the replay either UNLESS i scheduled it for the day! Thank You for sharing.

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