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Looking for a conversation starter? In today’s post I share a tip I got from Top Earner Academy Live 2 on one of the best ways I have heard on how to talk to people you have just met!

Easy tips to avoid awkward conversations!
Easy tips to avoid awkward conversations!

Part of Network Marketing (probably was the hardest part for me) is that you need to be sparking up conversations everywhere you go if you truly want to have an impact in this world. We want to know how to help people. In order to discover what it is that someone needs help with, we need a good conversation starter. I’m learning that starting conversations isn’t awkward unless if it’s purely business and money driven. As soon as you start to have belief in yourself, and see your vision of the lives you will affect in this world, your positive energy draws people to you in a way that they welcome conversations with you. You really need to change your reasons from selfish reasons to the desire to change every life you come in contact with, and you’ll come to find that this “Network Marketing” thing just gets easier and easier.

However, becoming that confident charismatic person is a journey! We all need to know ways to approach people and start up conversations that don’t involve opening up our trench coat asking someone if they wanna buy a product or start a home business. As I listen to the recordings of Top Earner Academy Live 2, I was reminded of what Cesar Rodriguez taught; an acronym to remember topics that are a conversation starter.

“FORM” is a great conversation starter technique. Find out what “FORM” stands for in today’s quick video!

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