Brand to the Future!

In today’s video blog I talk about why the most important part of branding your business is YOU.

YOU are your business
YOU are your business

So let’s talk branding. If you are serious about your business, you know that you need to be doing more than just talking to people about your opportunity. The big boys and girls play big. They are putting value out there consistently, and have something to offer other than just their Network Marketing Business.

Branding is more than just a logo or colour. Ray Higdon put it this way, “Branding is the position you are battling for in the mind of your visitors and prospects.” It is value, consistency, options, the thing that completes your business.

Branding can be so overwhelming for some people, that they just don’t bother. But, the fact is, it can be pretty easy to establish yourself as a brand. For myself, I have yet to do my logo or get my professional pictures done, but through my efforts, I have become someone my readers and viewers can reach out to with questions, for help to generate leads, questions on how to prospect and close, health tips, etc, because I have been putting content out there that they needed.

Branding can just sort of happen as you go along. But you have to start!! Does branding yourself scare you? You will need to get over your fear of putting yourself out there. If you really want this, if you SAY you want to play BIG, don’t allow that made up fear to stop you!

If you are a Network Marketer who only has your business to offer, it’s hard to really brand yourself as anything besides your business. However, if you get a blog started, put out content, and Affiliate yourself with other products, you will have a way to help, (and make money!), off of people who are completely happy with their Network Marketing Company. They still need you, and you have something to offer besides your opportunity. Does that make sense?

If you would like help on how to Affiliate yourself with other products and be able to have more to offer than your company, email me at and I would be more than happy to help you out, and point you in the right direction!

In this video I talk about one mistake in branding you won’t want to make, if you are thinking towards the future.

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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9 thoughts on “Brand to the Future!”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s important to me to be consistent and authentic, but branding is something I know I need to think about more.

  2. I am no where near this BUT I do so appreciate knowing you are here with this blog to help if I do come near it 😉 Thank you- you are creating a neat resource!

  3. Hi Angel… good blog post!

    People need to know that you are more than your network marketing opportunity.

    By becoming an expert in your industry, not just your specific opportunity, will allow you to connect with many great people who may be involved in countless good opportunities.

    You have to think of it like building your Rolodex of contacts.

    Today… the people you connect with and share value with may not be interested in joining you in your opportunity…

    BUT… down the road… who knows?

    1. Exactly John! And I want a HUGE Rolodex! Connecting with people and being able to answer their questions has shown me that not only do I want to be Ray Higdon when I grow up, but it’s actually my passion 🙂

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