Be the Master of Your Energy Domain

In today’s video blog I give some great tips on how to not come across so DESPERATE!

Please Don't Go!
Please Don’t Go!

Whether it’s your first sign up or you 100th, getting new people to join your team feels fantastic. But it’s in those very first few months, that you are a little too needy. You are SO excited about your opportunity, that you will defend it at every objection. If someone is hesitant to join you, you forward them every video, webinar, and detailed compensation plan you can find, along with the company profile, the CEO’s name and background, etc, just to PROVE it’s not a scam! I SWEAR!!! STOP BEING SO DESPERATE! 🙂

Think about the way you are acting, would you join you? People want to know how it benefits them, and there is a special art to leading someone to see why they should join you.

This video gives you GREAT tips on how to maintain your posture and energy in a prospecting conversation and how to pull people to your opportunity rather than try to push them in.

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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