At Home Business Opportunities – You don’t have the TIME??

I’ve been talking with a lot of people lately who have been looking for at home business opportunities. They know how they work, that there’s an initial tiny investment, that it can be insanely lucrative and yet the most common objection I’ve been hearing lately?…..I DON’T THINK I HAVE THE TIME FOR THIS.


Yesterday I was talking with a girl who would have been PERFECT for my opportunity! She loved to travel, was looking for an at home business opportunity, had been self employed before, was outgoing….everything seemed perfect. Then she watched the video and her objection was “I just don’t think I have time for this sorry”. ———————–>


So that got me to thinking of this video I had done for Ray Higdon’s video challenge back in the spring and I wanted to share it. It shares exactly what to say in that situation.

An objection like that ends up showing that this person wasn’t perfect for my team if that’s what she felt after watching the video. When I watch my opportunity video I see FREEDOM, FUN, an INCREDIBLE LIFESTLYE….I don’t see “hmmmmm….that looks like a time sucker….”. 🙂 Haha!

Watch the video below to see the best response to the time objection. Next time you have someone who is looking for an at home business opportunity and says this to you….you’ll be able to hold your posture, chalk it up as a “No” and leave the conversation as the leader.

To get help with your home business, or to ask more about my opportunity, I’ll contact you when you submit your info HERE!

Hopefully you got value from that! This weekend is my son’s SECOND BIRTHDAY!! So I’ll do posts here and there as I can, but you likely won’t see a video from me until Tuesday. Have a wonderful few days my friends!

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