Are you Linked In or Missing Out?

In today’s video blog I talk about my two favorite social media platforms, and why they are not Facebook and Twitter!

So Many Choices!
So Many Choices!

I am by no means a Social Media expert, and some of you reading this may be, so feel free to move on if you already know all about business in Social Media. I am mostly self taught, through courses and webinars, on how to use social media for business. However, the training I’ve had was for Facebook and Twitter. As much as I love both of those platforms for business, my heart belongs to two others….LinkedIn and Google+.

I had always been told not to bother with these two accounts. That they are hard to use and impersonal…..but I’m finding just the opposite! Maybe it’s just my personality, but I am loving how LinkedIn gives me direct contact with people in my niche, and my city. People who are eager to do business with you, and open to opportunities. I find Facebook and Twitter to be a bit….narcissistic?? Where as I have found LinkedIn and Google+ to be these beautiful territories with wonderful people waiting to connect with you, and support you.

In this video I share how I use LinkedIn and Google+ and why I have fallen in love….:)

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6 thoughts on “Are you Linked In or Missing Out?”

    1. I agree. And the groups are just full of spammers so your blog posts only show for about 30 seconds. It’s frustrating on FB!

  1. Good post Angel. I like LinkedIn although I’m no expert on how to use it. Like you… I like that you can target specific groups on LinkedIn. Google+ is becoming more valuable… would be good to know how to really build those circles.

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