Are you dragging around some dead weight?

In today’s video blog I talk about how it might be time to get a little bit uncomfortable, and cut the toxic people out of your life.

If they don't want to change, they won't.
If they don’t want to change, they won’t.

Some people are very fortunate to have a wealth of family and friends that support them and encourage them through everything they do in life. But for others, there can be people in their life who really, really don’t want to see them have success. People that tell them dreams don’t come true, or that they aren’t good enough to be anything better than their current situation.

These people in your life are generally those who don’t see you as someone who can be successful. They don’t believe that you can be wealthy and that you can change the world. And you know what? They never will. Some people are negative, and will remain that way forever. Their circumstances will never change, and you have to make the decision if keeping them in your life and following along with what they say is worth giving up the life you dream of.

Do you have someone in your life who is dragging you down rather than building you up? It might be time to let go. The letting go is hard, but you were here to live YOUR life, not that of someone else. If your life right now is only benefiting that of a negative person, it’s time for major change and massive action.

Ray Higdon put it great in one of his audios, when someone gives you that remark “Boy…YOU”VE changed…” you answer with “I SURE HOPE SO!” πŸ™‚ That’s what we’re doing right? Changing ourselves, and changing the world πŸ™‚

In today’s blog I talk about the characteristics of someone like this in your life, and the best way to deal with them. Remember, don’t get mad, get even – by stepping into your destiny!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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9 thoughts on “Are you dragging around some dead weight?”

  1. I have them in my life and I’m afraid to really cut them out for fear of the drama. My main issue is the “family” that I have on FB. I’d like to remove them, but it just causes drama if I try. (I say “family” bc it’s in-laws and then my ex-stepdad’s family that don’t communicate with me even though I try with them…)

    1. Yes Leila, that is a tough situation. Family and extended family are hard. Like John said, at least we can limit time with them. It’s much easier when it’s friends/relationships that you can end and walk away!

  2. Hello again Angel… enjoyed your topic today. One of your commenters, Lella, above hit the nail on the head when they mentioned that cutting people out of your life causes drama. Family especially can be brutal. You know you need to stay away but doing so isn’t easy. I believe Ray Higdon once mentioned that you should minimize the time together. I would add to make conversation generic… weather, sports, mindless unimportant topics and always have someplace you need to get to so that you can slip out early.

    1. I know there’s definitely a fine line when it comes to family. Yes, you can’t exactly cut them out, but for sure minimize time. I like your ideas for topics of conversation!!

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