Are Troubled Relationships Blocking Your Abundance?

In today’s video blog I discuss how not dealing with current and past relationships can keep you from being able to receive your full abundance.

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What does it mean to “forgive and forget”? Does it mean we allow others to take advantage of us? No. It means that we are the bigger person and have accepted the reality that energy spent on being angry is completely wasted. It means that you see life for what it really is, love and abundance, and are able to understand that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, and that we all have the ability to rise above our resentments and let them go. Forgiveness is about how YOU feel, and releasing the other person from the situation.

No matter how huge or how small the circumstance is for you, it needs to be dealt with. When you hold on to anger, when you get stuck in blaming the other person and refuse to move on, you are only hurting yourself, and blocking yourself from being able to receive abundance and the beautiful life God has planned for you.

Or, you may be stuck blaming YOURSELF for something YOU have done. Staying stuck in that vibration will cause more harm to you than any other emotion. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Right now. Let go of it, understand that you are forgiven by God, by the Universe, and that you deserve the ability to receive.

If you are walking around with that gut feeling of KNOWING you need to deal with something, stop putting it off. What you will be saying is “I will no longer allow this situation to dictate how I feel. I refuse to keep giving all of my energy to this person, to this situation. I have the power to change how I feel at any time, and I choose to exercise that power. Now.” If you don’t, you are delaying the beautiful things life has in store for you. I can guarantee you, from personal experience, that once you deal with whatever that situation is for you, no matter HOW uncomfortable or scared you might be, IT IS COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!

You’ll have a better insight into what you really want and how to get it. You’ll make the decisions that serve you best, and no longer feel guilty or unworthy to receive.

I hope you get great value from this post and it helps you to see where you may need to start forgiving and letting go in your life.

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~Be the best you in all that you do, life, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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7 thoughts on “Are Troubled Relationships Blocking Your Abundance?”

  1. Forgiveness can be sometime be so hard. I wonder if we forgive someone and then a similar incident happens and we feel compiled hurt, did er ever really forgive them.

  2. Thought provoking post today, Angel.

    Forgive and Forget…

    Sometimes easier said. Many a time I think I’ve forgiven a person for a wrong doing but have I forgotten the wrong?

    Forgiving for me is easy. People make mistakes… I’ve made plenty.

    I don’t Forget though. I think it’s a safety mechanism for me. If I forget… I’m open to being wacked again!

    Guess… I need to work on me more!

    Go USA!!!

    1. Good point John. For me it’s definitely been hard to allow myself to be vulnerable and not carry around all of the guard I had built up. TESS is helping that too!!

  3. I Totally Agree Forgive & Move On I Was Taught To Write Everything Your Feeling Down On Paper Good Bad The Ugly Etc. Then Burn It. It Will Give You A Sense Of Release I’ve Done It.

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