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Welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to get to know you. Feel free to let me know what you need, what you want to hear about, what you need to learn about.

My passion in life is to help others have success at home. I am on a fearless mission to help families create the Freedom Lifestlye from home, so that they can enjoy life and be with their kids. If you’re on the path to success, there is a certain path you need to take to get there, and that’s what I want to help you see.  I totally understand what it feels like to struggle, because I struggled for a LONG time doing the WRONG things, and then finally someone SHOWED me how to create the success I wanted…and it worked!  Struggle is hard, and it`s even harder to talk about.  Unbelievable pain, struggle, catastrophic events, massive TRAGEDY…. it’s all happened to me and I’m still standing.  I’m here to help you get back up from everything that life throws at you.  There is a better way to live, and I’d love to help you find your way!

Me and My kids Asha and Jace :)
Me and My kids Asha and Jace 🙂

I am a work-from-home mom of two, and I know that I am so blessed to do what I do! I absolutely love the endless possibilities that the Network Marketing Industry can provide to absolutely anyone.  There’s a lot of false information out there about Network Marketing (home business, direct sales, MLM) and I’m dedicated to making sure that as many people as possible understand the true VALUE this industry provides.  Anyone from anywhere can be a success, and I absolutely LOVE that!  If you’re tired of the struggle either in your business, or in your daily life, I’d love to show you how you can start to change that today.

I’ve been making a living helping people start to understand what the toxins in our products are doing to our health, our families, our homes. I help them to discover freedom, build online AND offline Global Empires and  therefore, change their lives forever. Even if you just want to make a few hundred extra dollars a month, I can easily show you how to do so. I’m building a team of thousands of people changing the world, one person’s life at a time. Find out more about what I do Here! 

Inside my blog, I share tips on how YOU can be successful with YOUR home business, how you can Brand yourself and build a million dollar empire, and I share information to help you change your mindset so you can live the life you were meant to — a life of Abundance!

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My Daughter Asha

I have been blessed to turn my passion into into my career….and would love to help you discover how you can do the same!

I am constantly investing in myself.  You will benefit from the courses that I am always taking. (Trust me….it’s A LOT)

I’m am also passionate about helping you create a millionaire vision for your life, and believe fully that creating my vision absolutely changed my life (along with God’s help!).

My Son Jace!
My Son Jace!

My heart’s desire to help other moms and dads have success in their home business so that they can be at home with their kids.  I struggled for over a year and spent A LOT of money trying to STAY HOME.  It wasn’t until I found the RIGHT business for me, and got around the RIGHT group of people having HUGE success that things finally started to change for me.  Now, I want to share that opportunity with others!

Whether you’re looking for a new business, or a business to compliment what you’re already doing,  just  reach out to me, and I will help

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Please email me any questions you have, and I will get back to you. Or if you have a topic you would like me to cover, let me know anytime! angel@coffeewithangel.com  


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