7 Tips on How to Keep Going

Today’s post is going to offer you some tips on How to Keep Going, when you’re really not sure how.  It’s inevitable that we are all going to run into hard days….the kind of days where nothing makes sense, nothing seems to go right and things just seem to go….well…WRONG.  If you are having, or have had one of those days….read on for some suggestions that will help to light that Entrepreneurial spark inside so that you can push on and triumph 🙂

How to Keep Going
Stay Motivated by Surrounding Youself With People Who Inspire and Encourage You!

So today got a little off track. When I say a little…I mean A LOT. This isn’t even the post that I had intended to do, but all things happen for a reason, and I believe this post is meant for someone out there, so plans changed.

The middle of January is known for being the most depressing time for most people. And honestly…I can notice it around me already. And then all of the sudden it happened…. I lost my spunk and fell into that no-good rut of stinkin’ thinkin’. I know it’s normal. I know I’m not alone, and I know that the Tips below are true, and WORK! And therefore I can push on…and so can YOU my friend.

The next time you’re in a bit of a funk…remember these tips below:

1) Let yourself FEEL
So many times we’re told to keep pressing, keep going, keep pushing… I don’t know about you….but when I’m having one of those days…I HAVE ONE. I get it out. All of it. I allow myself ONE DAY, and then I dust myself off and start over. It may or may not work for you, but that’s my advice. It works, and it allows you to feel, it allows you to acknowledge that it’s OK to feel, and validate yourself. Doesn’t mean you’re having a pity party or being negative, OR backtracking. You’re human and you’re allowed to feel. And you’re allowed days off.

2) Find the best Person/People to Surround Yourself With
I’ve said this before, but who you surround yourself with is HUGE. If you’re having a bad day, please don’t go seek out your local Debbie Downer. Go seek someone who inspires you to be the best you. Go for a coffee with them or talk on the phone. If you maybe don’t have a person like that…grab a book. Watch a Tony Robbins video (or whoever floats your boat) and sit down and get some good inspiration. If you’re spiritual, read your Bible and pray. Or meditate until you don’t need to anymore.

3) Laugh
Watch something funny and laugh. Yes. I’m telling you to turn on the TV. It’s the only time I’ll tell you to do that until there’s a Home Business Channel. (Hmmmm….Idea!!! 🙂 )

4) Remember that EVERY Breakthrough happens right after a MASSIVE Struggle
Go and read some STORIES from this industry, and see how many times you hear someone say “If I hadn’t pushed through, this wouldn’t have happened”. There are very few success stories out there that aren’t preceded by horrible struggle and pain. (Um been there!!) If you need help with this one, reach out to me. Would love to help you push through. NOTHING is bigger than your destiny.

5) Make time to do something you absolutely LOVE
Even if you can’t do it that day, schedule something that you will do that week. Dinner out, a movie, family time, a small vacation, a BIG vacation, whatever you can swing…do something that puts even the smallest smile on your face and gives you something to look forward to.

6) Love Deeply and Build on Your Vision
Every day. Make time to love those that matter to you. Tell them. Hug them. Love them. Love really does conquer all. Use those relationships to remind you WHY you’re doing this.  Add to your Vision Board if you need to, and spend some time reflecting on what’s already there.  That HAS to put a smile on your face!

7) Are Your Feelings and Fears REAL?
This is hard to do at first, but really check what’s going on in your mind. Are your thoughts or fears valid? Do they really exist? Sometimes our mind will play tricks on us to keep us from having success! So if you’re feeling a certain way, make sure it’s valid and real. Sometimes just realizing that can get you right out of a bad day!

Check out today’s video to find out my inspiration and what got me through this not-so-fun-or-productive day. It’s the reason I’ll wake up tomorrow (in 3 hours!) with a smile on my face and joy in my heart! 🙂 I’ll be proclaiming “Today is an Amazing Day and I AM BLESSED!”

Here are the pics of my dad’s shirt that I reference in the video. Dusty, yes. But I’ll likely never wash it.

Have Courage.
Have Courage.
Keep Fighting
Keep Fighting

“Courage is Being Scared to Death, and Saddling Up Anyway” – John Wayne

I appreciate you stopping by today, if this helped you out, let me know, or share it around if you have a minute.

Remember, You’re Not Alone and I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!

In memory of the BEST man to ever be in my life, and the strongest Fighter I’ve ever known – my Dad.

My Dad - Dave Chandler
My Dad – Dave Chandler


~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~




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2 thoughts on “7 Tips on How to Keep Going”

  1. I think your first point is the most important one. So many people, including myself, feel guilty when we’re just not in the mood or up to snuff, especially when we know we should be doing certain things or don’t have a real reason to be down. Most of the time I can figure out something that will help lighten my mood. But when I can’t… I just need to go with it, realizing it won’t last forever.

    Great stuff!

    1. You’re awesome Mitch, that’ so true! Getting it out of my system is just what I need to do to have a stronger day the next day and keep going 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

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