10 Tips How to Have a Successful Blog (Plus one Super Sneaky Tip!)

In today’s post, find out 10 Tips on How to have a Successful Blog, (plus one super sneaky tip!)…along with the main reasons why having a blog is so important for your business. I get asked SO many times “Should I Start A Blog?” and my short answer is always YES!! Find out why below…

I Promise, After a While, You'll be HOOKED!
I Promise, After a While, You’ll be HOOKED!

Let’s continue on with sharing the best methods and tools I used in 2014!! Today I’ll be talking about blogging! Starting my blog a year ago was one of the best decisions I ever made! It certainly isn’t Easy, and it will take a lot of work and time in the beginning…as you learn and become comfortable with the routine, but what they say is really true….if you do it consistently for a year, you will see huge results. The kind of “make money in your sleep” results that you’re looking for!

I know a year sounds LONG if you’re starting right now. But it does go by fast, and it really is worth it. After a year of blogging, I’m making sales from posts that I did months ago!! I’m getting leads and sign-ups in my sleep…AND I’m growing my list and my relationships. I’ve made a lot of friends through my blog! It really can be an amazing addition to your business, and help you go on autopilot, if you make sure to do the right things!

Here are 10 (plus one!) Tips on How to Have a Successful Blog, and the reasons why they are so important.


1. BE CONSISTENT: Especially for the first 6 months, really try to put out content at least 5 times a week. You won’t be a pro yet at all, so putting out as much content as possible is the best thing you can do. But remember to Be Patient! You likely won’t see major results right away.  Build it, and they will come 🙂

2. BE CREATIVE: Find new topics to talk about within your niche that others aren’t. Host giveaways, contests, interact with your readers and followers, do interviews etc. Find ways to stand out!

3. HAVE AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER: The main point of your blog is to build your list. Your list turns into loyal followers and readers, and eventually buyers and maybe even team members. Nurture them. But first, you need to earn them with your Awesome Freebie.

4. SHARE YOUR NOTES: Trouble finding or thinking of content? Go to your notes from trainings/events/webinars and create a post around them. If you’re thinking it’s all old news, you’re wrong!

5. ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS A LEADER: Speak with confidence and relate to your readers and viewers. Be Yourself. People can smell fake a mile away and will not come back if you’re being someone you truly aren’t. Be raw and real. This takes work though, so don’t be frustrated if you’re having trouble getting comfortable. It takes practice! Everyone feels weird at first!

6. MONETIZE YOUR BLOG: Grab some affiliate links to products that are congruent to your theme and niche and drizzle them throughout your posts!

7. THINK LIKE YOUR READER: Always be posting content that is relevant to your reader. Don’t just go for a sale, or throw in a post that is totally random just because you feel like blogging about puppies for a day. That will turn readers off (not the puppies, the post) so make sure you’re always thinking of what they are looking for.  And keep it simple.  Don’t try to talk above people! Most people reading are likely new!

8. DESIGN YOUR BLOG AROUND YOU: Don’t design your blog around your company or business, design it around you and what you are doing. Things can change, and the last thing you want to be doing is re-doing your blog!

9.GO BACK OVER YOUR POSTS EVERY FEW MONTHS: Tweak your content every few months by going in and updating links to posts that are stale dated, change around some keywords, re-title, etc. It will give your posts a boost and you’ll see some new sales come through!

10: USE VIRAL CONTENT BUZZ FOR SHARING: Post your content on Viral Content Buzz. It’s Free, and you’ll get a boost in social shares and traffic! Check out my free training HERE

SUPER SECRET TIP #11!!: Ask your audience what they want!! Poll your list and ask them what their biggest concerns are (in multi-choice form). Take the topic with the highest response, and design a week’s worth of posts around answering that problem for them. They will LOVE you. Don’t have a list? Ask in your posts for comments on what they would like to hear from you! It works, and then you KNOW you’re delivering what your reader is asking for!

Check out today’s quick video to find out why I always answer YES to “Should I Start a Blog?” and my #1 reason why I think a blog is essential!

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~Be the best you in all that you do, live, laugh, but most of all LOVE~

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